auto-classUnder Your Hood 101: Getting To Know Your Car

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As a neighborhood auto service provider we feel it is important that our customers know enough about their vehicles to keep from having breakdowns and to avoid costly repairs whenever possible.

To accomplish that we are planning to run FREE Automotive Workshops for our customers, their families, and neighborhood residents. During these workshops we would show the various aspects of Basic Automotive Maintenance like how to check all fluid levels, what dashboard indicator lights really mean, how to change a flat tire, what certain noises indicate, and which of the manufacturer’s scheduled services are vital to your vehicle running properly and saving you the most money in the long run. Of course that’s just a sampling and there’s much more we would cover.

You can also learn the terminology technicians use so you can better communicate with them when you have a problem or when they are explaining their findings to you.

This class would be excellent for new drivers or anyone who would like to learn more about how their vehicle works.

If you are interested please fill out the form below so that we can let you know about class dates and availability.

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